Eric Petersson - Front End Developer from Jönköping


My name is Eric and that is pretty much it... Nah, here's my story!

Who I am

I am a Front End Developer currently stationed at Consid in Jönköping, Sweden. My primary work is related with designing the web and .NET solutions in terms of web projects. I mainly put focus on latest trends in design and publishing techniques.

When I don't spend time in front of the computer you may find me at the gym, out on a jogging or in front of my video games. You may find me with the following accounts:

Xbox Live: EricCeric

PSN: EricCeric

Before the golden ages

I graduated and received my university degree of Design and Web Development back in 2014. In general, design and techniques have always been my passion - combining them both for the web is truly a dream coming true.

What I do right now

It comes down to most work in terms of CMS integrations such as Episerver, Umbraco and WordPress.